Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Money Can't Buy Frineds.... Duh

Hi people of the world,
"Money Can't buy friends"..... Not anymore
A company called uSocial sells twitter followers and facebook friends. So cheer people of the world. You can have hundred$ of friend$ and follower$ as long as you have money.

Quoting from DailyTech:
"To get 5,000 new Facebook friends will cost 7.6 cents per friend for a total of $654.30 while 10,000 Facebook fans will cost you 8.5 cents per fan for $1,167.30."
as for the twitter followers, each one is worth ten cents :o

Why does uSocial sell those things?
They use Face book and twitter as an advertising tool.
Facebook and twitter are becoming great advertising tool for advertising. Dell is saying that they suceeded to reach millions in sales directly to its twitter followers :o

uSocial claims that in that way, advertisments could reach to wider segments and communities with paying less money. They say that it is much cheaper than Google's 2$ per click. They claim that their clients (who are advertising) sometimes recieve in excess of 100,000 visitors less than a day :o

How come? that's not the question
The question is: Do they sell Blog Followers :p
Will I buy some friends?
To be honest, No way. Even for advertising. Friends are friends
I am very proud with what I've got.
Hashimoto, Seema, -mate and Shoosh
If I forgot to mention someone, Just beat me :)
I mean just remind me that you are my friend :)

Have a nice day
and take care people of the world :)



Anonymous said...

thanx 4 that notes ...

I agree , because after many years even months the quality of frindship will be usless ...

that marketing will make the clearity of friendship as its should be is worthless ...

shame on me If I ever try to by a friend ,,,

Addictioneer said...

You're absolutely right.

"shame on me If I ever try to buy a friend ,,,"
You're already proud of yourself

"thanx 4 that notes ..."
Don't mention it :)

Hashimoto said...

interesting post @@


No and a Thousand No For BUYING FRIENDS !!! ===> That's for hopeless people !

be5ti9ar ,, laish 3ayesh elle yshtree his friends ?! =P


Proud to be your friend\ it's an honor to be your friend

( choose what you like lool )

Addictioneer said...

"Proud to be your friend\ it's an honor to be your friend "
I'll go for both

SHOOSH said...

Money Can never buy the feelings of true friendships

Addictioneer said...

Good morning Shoosh
"Money Can never buy the feelings of true friendships"
Very true. You can have thousonds of friends but you'll not feel the friendship and won't experiece it

Shoosh's wisdom :)

Anonymous said...

Money = power... but power cant guarantee you goodness hehehe
Interesting post I must say ;-)

Addictioneer said...

You're right. Take Microsoft for example, they have the power thanks to their operating system windows. But they could't push their search engine ahead of Google or even Yahoo.
Very nerdy, isn't it?
Oh I went too far. Just forget it :)

"Interesting post I must say ;-)"
Thanks :)