Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Android Essentials [apps]

Hi people of planet earth,
long time no English posts here and hope this post would lead the way to more and more English posts. In this post I want to share with you some of my essential applications on my android device which is the mighty HTC google nexus one >> long name though. When I say essentials it means I would never ever whatever live without them. Some of these apps can also be found on iphone. Reading this post is a win to iphone users though
So here are my top android apps:

I am horribly addicted to this applcation as it can show me updates from both twitter and Facebook. I assure to you that you would get addicted to it and then you'll need a doctor to treat you.
The only cons of this app is that it doesn't offer full Facebook functionality.

Don't have to talk about the famous and super famous whatsapp. chatting and group chatting phone numbers based app. chat with friend. Giving and taking jokes. One of the best apps for exchanging rumors

Opera Mini
There are so many excellent browsers in android market though I see that Opera Mini is the best. Why? I'm a  hardcore browsing boy >> I browse a lot at work not using my machine cause it restricts me from accessing many site... administration oh administration >> so opera mini is the way to super fast browsing and a bandwidth saver at the same time as it compresses html pages retrieved from servers.
I don't recommend this app for commenting on articles or blogs. I just use it for reading

At work but don't have work to do and think that time is very slowly crawling. Then you need StumbleUpon. This app shows you websites and videos according to your specified interests. You can also share what you like, like what you like, dislike what you don't like and the engine that StumbleUpon created can learn from your activities and enhance "stumbling" just for you

voice chat or calls over wifi or 3g. We Kuwaitis  like free thing

This app has dozens, thousands and tons of nice high quality wallpapers, Ringtones and notification sounds

Google translate
Translate on the go

It switches on you camera LED light so that you can see in the dark

Yahoo mail
just an e-mail app

And I think that's all. Note that these are my essentials minus apps that come with the phone system
Hope you enjoy the dumbest brief talk about each app. I also hope you have an android phone as you are reading this post

Take care

Sorry for not having my own screenshots of apps cause i don't know how to take a screenshot on my device. So I took pic here and there thanx to google images search


Seema* said...

No ;P
It's a nice one!

Interesting post! :")
Not only kuwaities love free calls. Everyone do! ; )

Addictioneer said...
I watched a review of this app and gotta say it's cool. It's like twitter but with pics. It's about uploading photos. Sharing them to the world. Follow and being followed pic based app.
Not in android market yet though I would add it to my essentials once it's released on Android :)

and yes not only Kuwaitis love free calls. All do. No racist :p

Thanx Seema


greak said...

hmm nice Apps what about app killer?

Addictioneer said...

app killer oh app killer. I can talk, discuss and argue about it till you sleep :p

In short, I use the app manager that already come with the phone to "manually" kill any app. App killer is a good useful app "tool" though I don't recommend using the auto kill feature at all cause it could impact your battery life for good or worse depending on which app you kill and when you kill app. You can use that feature but you have to be a wee bit pro and nearly think like OS

Thanx greak


Summer said...

i have similar apps! you should download IMDB if you like watching movies!

Addictioneer said...

I want IADB == Internet Anime Database :p
Just kiddin

oh yeah That very useful specially to my cousins as they can't left a week without watching at least a movie at cinescape. I heard that cinescape would develop its own app or may be they already did for iphone only :(

Now am waiting for one and only one movie. It's "Pirates of the Caribbean". am very very eager to watch it