Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jose Mourinho and Muntari's fasting

Hi people of the world,
News were talking about Jose Mourinho claiming that fasting is affecting Muntari's performance. He sees that Muntari is not performing well because of lack of energy. He is suggesting that Muntari should not fast this Ramadan.

Jose Mourinho is one of the best football managers in the world. I admire his achievements with Chelsea. He brought that nice blue team to life and he is the one responsible for wining the Premiers League. Not forgetting to mention his achievement with his current team Inter-Milan. In short, I do respect this man and I see that he was not offending Islam. He is like any other manager. He was worried about the sudden change of physical abilities and performance of one of his players and the cause was fasting.

Come on people of the world. Mourinho is not Muslim. So when he suggests that Muntari should not fast and continue by saying that Ramadan hasn't arrived at ideal moment then don't be surprised.. please don't be surprised... please.. please aha aha aha :(
He don't know what Ramadan does mean for us Muslims. He don't doesn't know that there are excuses for Muslims for not fasting. Muntari is not sick. He's not pregnant :) and he is not traveling. Mourinho does not know that excuses for breaking Ramadan fasting does not apply on him.

I don't know why some people of the world are crying for Islam being offended by a football manager. I will not be surprised if some of them are waiting for Bin Laden to say something about this. Believe me close-minded people, Islam is better without your cries.

This brings me to the college days, fasting was very tough. It was tough to study, wake up early, drive the car. I couldn't concentrate in the class.
In the class, I sleep. In the cafeteria I sleep. In the car, sleeping is pulling me from driving.
When I see those workers who used to build houses under the heat of the sun I feel very sympathetic to them. They work, work and work to get their low wages. Their wages are penny compared to our wages, though companies don't give them their money. Shame on them.

All what I can say is "God help those poor people" and Inshallah Ramadan Kareem.

At the end I say:
Muntari go go.... I support you.
Mourinho please don't be so big-mouth (as if he would hear me)

Take care people of the world.


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Hashimoto said...

"He don't know what Ramadan does mean for us Muslims"

He don't ====} he doesn't


nice post ,

Addictioneer said...

Thank you for the spell checking.Sorry for my bad grammar.
If you catch more than 5 grammar and spelling mistakes then I should hire you as my spell checker :)

Addictioneer said...

And thank you for the comment.
You also have a nice blog