Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kuwait and Swine Flu

Hi people of the world,
This week I went to the clinic. My chest was burning and my head was killing me. I were coughing and coughing like an old man and my cough can be heard all over the house. My family was afraid (a little :) ). They think I could have been infected with Swine Flu. I said you're joking. There is no way I could be infected with Swine Flu. My family knows that I didn't hang out more often lately and they also know that I didn't travel this year. So why the Swine Flu my family. They replied by "you should go to the doctor... we don't want to be infected because of you". Oh that's so harsh people of the world. My family were not joking. They were serious. Oh people of the world, this is so ridiculous. I swear that I am not infected with Flu... I swear... I swear... aha aha aha.

Whatever, I went to the clinic. There, I saw a strange family. Father, mother and 3 to 4 children I don't remember. Why they are strange?. It's because they were walking here and there. To be specific, they were annoying. They entered the doctor's office and closed the door. They finished from that doctor and entered another office to the other doctor (chaos). Once they finished from the doctor, I entered his office. He was smiling like hell. He said "they wanted me to check them for Swine Flu". He continued "there is nothing to fear. When you are infected by the Swine Flu, you'll take the vaccine and then you'll be ok".When I heard that, I told him about my family and how they are afraid and he kept saying that there is nothing to fear of. Then he prescribed some drugs for me.

After that I returned home and I said to my family that the doctor told me that I am not infected by the Swine Flu and my health like a Dinosaur in the golden Jurassic Age. They didn't say anything but I can tell that they have said "Thank God... now we are safe". In short, my family was unfair that day.

In my opinion, Swine Flu is not something to fear though, we should be "prepared" and encounter it. In Kuwait, the people infected with the Swine Flu have broke the 1000 barrier and 4 are dead. These numbers cannot be ignored and the Ministry of Health should be highly prepared especially before the schools start.

I hope that Ministry of Health are really really really prepared.

Take care people of the world.


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