Sunday, August 30, 2009

Morinho and his twisted words

Hi people of the world,
It seems that Mourinho is having some trouples troubles with muslims after his words about Muntari's fasting. Daily star, a British newspaper, claimed that death threats has been made on some Islamic sites against Mourinho.

Mourinho, on the other side, faced the media and said that they will be responsible for anything happen to him because of twisting his words. He added that he never said that Muntari should forget about his faith and practices. He finished by saying "If someone in the Islamic community is angry with me, it's your fault.".

I knew that Mourinho was not offending Islam. Plus, it turned out that reporters have twisted his words in a way that they look offensive.
Since we are talking about Mourinho, I take the chance to congratulate Inter Milan fans for the great winning 4-0 in the Milan Derby. I really admit that Inter was too harsh on Milan. Great game and unbelievable result.

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Hashimoto said...



lol @ the terrorist pic

hard luck for Milan , Gattuso gave Inter their win

Addictioneer said...

Gattuso reddo cardo killed Milan middle playing.

Thanks Badleyyat finder.
3 mistakes to go. Then I'll hire you as my spell-check :)