Thursday, September 3, 2009

Firefox Could Have Chrome-like Interface

Hi people of the world,
I am a big fan of Firefox. It is the main browser in my computer and, to me, it is the best browser. Although Google chrome is grabbing my attention, but I see that it lacks addons and themes. In addition, chrome hasn't been released on Linux yet :(

Anyway, Mozilla has updated their roadmap through 2010 for Firefox. One interesting thing is that Firefox 4.0 will see a new interface design. The new "suggested" design according to what we see in "windows" theme mockups page (see references) is very very chrome-like. Note that mockups page is still a draft and there are two designs. One with tabs on top and the other one with taps on bottom.

Did you see the theme? very much like Google Chrome. But of course what's under the hood is different than Chrome. To name some under the hood enhancements:
  • Update Gecko (Firefox rendering engine)
  • Enhancements for Tracemonkey (Mozilla's Javascript Engine)
  • Synchronize user data in the cloud (new feature)

I came to a conclusion: "Browsers interface is converging. In contrast, what's under the hood is diverging". That's not what I want to point. My point is that No matter how much experience you have, you could learn from newcomers. Mozilla Firefox with more than 5 years experience are exploring the barely two years chrome and applying some of its features. Private browsing and in the future it could be the theme. I also think that Firefox will allow tabs with separated processes just like Chrome.

So don't be ashamed of yourself when you learn from newcomers, less experience people or even kids.

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Hashimoto said...

never used chrome
love firefox , and waiting for the new version
great post

Addictioneer said...

It will be released in October or November
Waiting for it