Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Opera 10 Released

Hi people of the world,
Opera software has released Opera 10, fast Internet browser that has many nice features. I installed the browser on my Mandriva Linux 2009.1 (or what so called 2009 spring). Installation is very easy and it is a matter of a click.

Opera 10 really has a nice clean theme. It looks like the old theme but with more nice curves and clean colors (Even my blog Integrates well with the theme :p). (click on image to enlarge).

Opera Turbo is the very new feature in Opera 10. It targets users with slow network. It uses a compression technology to speed up browsing. For this features, you have three options: Automatic, On and Off. Automatic allows Opera turbo to be used only when network is slow. To try it, I turn that feature on. It turned that images quality degraded but loading pages is so fast. My advice for DSL subscribers is to turn that feature Off (don't use Automatic) because Automatic will use Opera Turbo heavily. I think it's because "poor network detection" in Opera isn't performing well.

Similar to the last version, Google Notebook doesn't work with Opera 10. Also, when you try to visit Google Docs it opens the mobile version instead :(

I also encountered a problem when I used opera to blog. I can't insert an image using Opera.... Dah

One "old new" feature is the Opera Speed Dial. It's where you can add you favorite sites in nice visual boxes. What's new is that you can enable "background" feature. I didn't hesitate to use it. It's nice :)

One new feature is the "Visual Tabs". To experience it, see the three dots just under the tabs, double click on it or drag it down and you'll see the "Visual Tabs".

Opera 10, as usual, features:
  • Built-in Bit-torrent manager
  • Thumbnails under tabs
  • Mail Agent
  • Widgets (I don't use them)
  • All-in-one sidebar (the best) 
Conclusion: Opera 10 is very very fast in loading pages but it needs to support more popular web applications. It also misses private browsing mode, where browsing sessions aren't saved.

Have a nice day with technology
Take care people of the world



Hashimoto said...

Very nice topic !
shayashtni(eenee) to download it
lol !

to grammar stuff ,, lol !

"Installation is very easy and it is a matter of a click."

from English 123 , they taught us to write it like ".... easy an IS a matter of a click "
without the "it"


"I can't insert image"

you should say :
- an image
- images


Walla enne NERD !
( if I'm wrong ,, sorry ,, lol ! )

Addictioneer said...

Have a nice time exploring Opera.

Regarding mistakes, soon you will achieve two things:
- Being Hired
- Receive the super nerd cup ;p

Seema* said...

That looks fun & easy to use.
Thanks for the review!
: )

Addictioneer said...

You're welcome Seema*