Friday, September 11, 2009

My laptop, brother's laptop and puppy linux

Hi people of the world
This week I couldn't access the Internet more often because my laptop doesn't want to open. My laptop is already in a shitty state. Its battery is already dead and the CD/DVD drive is out of service :)
So what happened?
I have waken up 8'oclock the day before. I turned my laptop on and started to youtube and listen to some music. After 5min, it suddenly shutdown. I asked myself why and started to look here and there and I realized that the power supply was not plugged. I plugged it and tried to start my laptop and...... and..... and :(

It started but it hangs when it tries to load the kernel. I tried to install the operating system again but I couldn't. That's because my laptop's CD/DVD drive is "out of service".It can read CDs or DVDs.
Anyway, I took another laptop, which is HP Pavilion. It belongs to my young brother and guess what. His laptop is one year old but it is also a shitty laptop. Really really shitty with Windows Vista as the only operating system there. It takes more than six minutes to fully load the OS. In addition, the laptop was burning like hell. Three minutes working with that Vista is enough to convince me to download a new Linux Distribution immediately. I picked Puppy Linux and installed the 4 series version which is the most stable one till now.
After downloading the Puppy Linux CD image, I burned it using ImgBurn. Now, I have a live CD for Puppy Linux and I am ready to enjoy a new Distribution.

 I restarted the HP and booted from the CD. Then "her I go" with starting the live CD. I was asked some questions about mouse and monitor size before the Xorg started during live CD loading. Finally I was able to play with the new Distribution.
As you see from the pic above, Puppy Linux has a nice sidebar and a functional topbar. The topbar holds shortcuts to some applications. See the sidebar, look at the CPU tmp, it's 105 Celsius degree. I already said to you that the laptop is burning like hell.

Remarkably, Puppy Linux can load the whole Operating System in the RAM. Thanks to its unique applications which are very light and light kernel. Puppy Linux has a large variety of nice light applications which can do the work well. It has calculators, applications for painting, image processing, network applications, games, a light browser and a word processor (Abi word). The default browser is Mozilla Seamonkey, which ,as I see it, is much lighter than Firefox. Both are sponsored by Mozilla. So they both have the same functionality except you'll get more addons in Firefox. What also is interesting here is that it has a light Inkscape (my beloved drawing and image processing application).

But if you want to use Firefox, you can always install one by yourself or you can click "install" icon that's  located in the desktop.

Then, in the "Software Management" section, click the PET icon

Now you can see the Puppy Linux Package Management. You can install Firefox and other applications

There are some problems faced when using Puppy Linux. I was trying to install Puppy Linux to my flash just to boot it with my old Toshiba Laptop but I couldn't. It's because USBs don't work :o
Another problem, I couldn't configure my wireless connection. Puppy  Linux simply couldn't establish the connection with "wlan". I think that it's because the HP wireless was locked to Windows Vista only. But I managed to connect to the Internet using Ethernet instead and it works fine.

  • HP laptops are shit
  • HP laptops are not Linux-friendly
  • Puppy Linux is a nice light distribution and worth to be tried
  • I have to fix my Toshiba's CD/DVD drive to install a new OS
  • Again, HP laptops are shit
 Have a nice day with Linux and
Take care people of the world



sweetd said...

I know how that feels..I don't use my comp becuz i officially call it DEAD!...

Addictioneer said...

That's why I dumped my laptop and used another.
And it turned out that the other laptop is actually dying. But "is dying" laptop is better than "dead" one.

Hashimoto said...

hardluck with your laptop !

mine is also stupid

when i try to connect my pc-tablet
it freezes for 4~7 minutes !

the support told me to use the

but , male 5lg asawwe back up lol !


"I couldn't access Internet"

should be

I couldn't access the Internet

( english 123 = the only one )


Addictioneer said...

4~7 mins. That kills

English 123 again