Monday, September 7, 2009

Brazil Defeated Argentina 3-1

Hi people of the world,
I was sad these days. Why? It's because Argentina was defeated 3-1
Why Maradona? Why?
I knew it from the beginning. Once upon time long ago, he was a player. To be specific, a legend. But that does not imply that he will be a great coach.

All the people of the world who saw the match can notice how Argentina players were struggling in their attacks. On the other hand, Brazil were playing it the easy way.

Missi Messi, Aguero, Milito, Tevez all of them couldn't do anything. I know Missi and Aguero did their best, but they don't have the right support from midfielders. Who is the midfielder?? Veron, come on, he is very old. Riquelme is the key, but they say he is a bigmouth. OK, then why don't they choose Higuain, Real Madrid player, to play???

 I have a word for Maradona "If you want to return back to Argentina football, return as a player not a coach".

Now please Addictioneer cheer up. Cheer up please.
People of the world Cheer up with me
and take care



Seema* said...

There will always be a next time.
it wouldn't be fun if your team is always winning ; )

Addictioneer said...

No. I want Argentina to be the winner ALWAYS. I want it. I want it. I want it.

Just kidding :)

Thanx Seema*. I am waiting for next time.

Hashimoto said...

اهي صح المباراة كانت نكتة

بس للاسف احتمال كبير ما يشاركون بنهائيات كاس العالم

حتى كاكا قال انه يبيهم يتأهلون !


Now Down To Business :

"Brazil were playing the easy way."

you should put an "it"

to become :
Brazil were playing IT the easy way.


Addictioneer said...

الله يا شماتة الزمن
كاكا البرازيلي يتمنى انهم يتاهلون
انشالله بس يفوزون على البارغواي ويخلصوننا
راح تكون مباراة صعبة
El business.... Ya salaaam
I was waiting for you to review this article :)
Thank you

Hashimoto said...

His name is MEssi not MIssi


Addictioneer said...

A mistake when writing Messi's name, and I call myself an Argentina fan. What a shame.