Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not just an Apple

Hi people of the world,
Apple is known of going too far when it comes to protecting their Business from anything and everything.... even from their customers. Don't be surprised if they sue you when you change one of the Mac OS configurations using some scripts.

Lately, Apple want to sue Woolworths, a company that sells fresh food to people, for their apple shaped logo.
Want to see the logo. Then have a look down here

The problem here is that:
Woolworths designed it to be as a styled "w"
Apple thinks that it is an apple

Quoting from the news:
"Apple is spooked by the fact that Woolworths has gone for a blanket trademark that would allow it to slap its branding and logo on every imaginable product"
 So what did the designer of the logo say about that
He said: "Based on this logic, they would have to take action against every fruitseller"
And he's very right about it

So what do I say?
Please give me some space for t7l6m...
OK, let's begin
Is there any similarity between Apple's logo and Woolworths's?
emmmmmm..... No
What I see here is.... Apple logo is the popular eaten apple, while Woolworths logo is a "W" styled pumpkin :D

Sorry Apple.. Even it does look like an apple, no one could say that it is Apple logo
Even if Woolworths is using Apple logo to get popular, I would not buy from a shopping center just because they have Apple-like logo. This is just silly people of the world
Even if Woolworths moved to computers world, all of us know the difference between Woolworths apple and the Apple's apple
I myself could easily identify the difference even without wearing my glasses
People of the world, There is a difference between apple and pumpkin

Is there any law that says:
"Apple owns all the apples of the world. So:
- Use apple as a logo is not allowed
- Use the apples-like fruits like (pear, peach and even orange) as a logo is not allowed
- Use the apples-like words like (pineapple) as a logo is not allowed"
That's retarded Apple
So What do you say?

People of the world, an Apple a day keeps the doctors away :p
Please don't forget to feed my fishes and
Take care people of the world



Seema* said...

i find that funny because it's totally different.

ma3ndehum salfa ;P

Addictioneer said...

e wallah ma 3ndhom salfa
7ail '7ayfeen 3la nfs-hom

Hashimoto said...

One word :



Scan Completed

no grammar errors


Addictioneer said...

Yes they are completely totally absolutely silly

Horraaaay. No mistakes

Faith said...

Long time no see =p

kel 3am w enta b5air

happy 3eeD =]

Addictioneer said...

wenty b'7air ws77a wsalma
o yn3ad 3laich bel'7air wel brkat
o 3sach mn el 3aydeen ol fayzeen enshalla

bethn allah I will return back
It's a matter of weeks

I think that Hashimoto is sleeping now because he is out of work... Hashimoto, for the sake of the global recession I will return back :p

And horray... I have a follower here. She is Seema*. I will return back soon Seema*. I don't want you to follow nothing. Looooooooool

I really miss you guys

Hashimoto said...

It's really been a loooong time

i don't even see you online

where the hell are you man
hope you get back

me feeling sleepy .. no grammar work

Addictioneer said...