Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am Still Here

"I blog, therefore I am"
The Addictioneer

"انا ادون اذن انا موجود"


Seema* said...

Now it's more like: I tweet, I exist.
Nice to see you back! :)

Addictioneer said...

haha you are completely partially absolutely truly right dear seema. I'll continue to publish nice funny and useful. posts though

Addictioneer said...

and by the way It's also very nice to see you here too

Hope said...

Welcome back =]
u have been missed

Addictioneer said...

you too Hope and all the ppl in the world who passed by my blog and who didn't. I'll try to catch up with you all and me all :)

Hashimoto said...

Wb !

I've been out of business u know

Addictioneer said...

Yes Hashimoto but I will make it up for u. I'll make u squeeze ur mind searching for mistakes in my articles and force u re-enroll to english 101 course :p
Nice to see ur profile commenting here though