Saturday, January 22, 2011

1 year no blogging... why?

Hi people of planet earth,
I returned back to my blog.... my beloved blog with beloved friends here. 
why did I stop blogging? "simply" because of my long-term illness. That illness forced me to change my job, lay alot on the bed and stay in Kuwait not traveling since a year (may be more).
Thank god am now living an ordinary yet extraordinary life :p like any other healthy guy on planet earth. I also want to thank my family for helping me surpass that period specially mom. she's always there when I need her. Thanks mom.
By the way, my family will not read the post cause they don't know that I'm a blogger though loooool. It's secret and I wanna keep it secret :p

Now, there are things in my life I have to continue from the beginning like "self-configuration" (loool I liked that term). On the other hand there are things I can continue, where it began and luckily my blog is one of them. 
Some of you noticed that am twittering. For those who want to know a little about how I live and where I go or what I think of (in short "فضايحي") , he/she can follow me.

You can also check my blog on your mobile. Go to this link using your mobile browser

People of planet earth, It's nice to see, review and comment on my friends and non-friends blogs and tweets. It's also nice to see my fishes alive, check them on the right :). More than one year no food though they are still alive, how come? may be there was someone feeding them.... whatever :p
Take care planet earth


Seema* said...

الحمدلله على السلامةوالله يتمم عليكم بالصحة والعافية :)

* Shouldn't "twittering" be tweeting? :p

Addictioneer said...

الله يسلمج ويخليج
والله يبعد الامراض عنا ويشفي كل مريض

considering the mistake ummm
It's in the pic :(
I have to correct it though
bravo seema It's tweeting not tweetring
tweetring looool

Hope said...

الف الحمد لله ع السلامه
اجر و عافيه ان شاء الله

Addictioneer said...

الله يسلمج من كل شر
ويبعد عنكم السو

Hashimoto said...

الحمدلله عالسلامة حجي !!

و ولكم باك

سوري عالرد المتأخر
بس كنت مسافر

The Post Has Been Officially Checked .. no Errors

Addictioneer said...

الله يسلمك ويخليك
بالمثل، الحمدالله على رجعتك بالسلامة


no errors >> horray

AnxiousNut said...

Although I don't know you personally, but I'm gonna say it anyways: "الحمد لله على السلامه" :)

It's really good to know that a Kuwaiti geek has been recovered! :D

Addictioneer said...

الله يسلمك ويخليك
وتحمدك بسلامة لي هذا يدل على طيب اصلك

And It's good to know that there r geeks around me
Wish u a life full of geekness :)