Tuesday, February 8, 2011

slow routine and cheap power extension

Hello people of planet earth,
I know the slow and very super slow process of everything in the ministry since I was tiny gotchy gotchy little kid though I didn’t experience the joy of that process in my life. Now I experience it almost every moment and situation in my career life and to be honest I am getting used to it.

One of the situations here is the “Order of multi-socket electricity extension”. In the ministry, if you order it say from now, it would be processed and delivered after two weeks. That's what happened to me. When I saw a guy coming to my office telling me “here is your multi-socket extension” I thanked god for the delivery and my work-mates came to congratulate me saying “qarrat 3aink”.

The first thing I’ve done is to know where it was made. I am always curious about knowing the country of origin and the manufacturer of things. So I looked to the face of the packet, to the back, both sided and inside but I didn’t find any sign of the country of origin. I told my self, I should find it and I will find it. Minutes later, I found very small scratched area and a barley seen “A” with my tiny chiny eyes to the end right. Busted my dear ministry. It’s made in china.

I don’t underestimate china products, on the contrary, I respect their products and without them I would not click mouse, walk around with my shoes, sit on sofa or even wear clothes but this socket extension is different. After two days of duty it gives electrical weird sound and to be honest my dear ministry, I don't wanna be electrically shocked. (No Racist here at all)

To make long story short, I bought new one that is a little expensive for the sake of reliability .I would like to give a valuable advice to the ministry "don't think cheap". So as not to wrong the ministry, I have to mention that the ministry doesn't always go cheap but they go for good quality and reliable things :) 

Sigh... I don't wanna talk much about the ministry people of planet earth


Seema* said...

Mashallah.. 2 weeks of waiting. What a wonderful service!

Addictioneer said...

yes @seema, a wonderful service to a wonderful quality :)