Friday, February 18, 2011

Nokia Microsoft Alliance

Hi people of planet earth,
Nokia is well known these days of producing crap phones. They also struggle to compete iPhone and Android. iPhone managed to make people buy their phones even though there is a flaw in their antenna design and Android also managed despite their unpolished OS whereas Nokia couldn’t ring a bell with their great hardware specs. People interested in Nokia products are getting less and less interested. So What is the solution Nokia? Go for Microsoft windows mobile OS.

     Nokia announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to build phones with Microsoft windows as their primary mobile operating system.  wow I couldn't believe the news cause I didn’t imagine that one day Nokia and Microsoft would be friends even though that friendship is about money. I consider this as a desperate move from Nokia to catch the rapidly developing market and cling to what remains of their market share.

     I saw a demo of windows phone 7 and I have to to admit that there is a great work behind it though its home screen looks like Windows 95. I just don’t see Nokia fit in this OS. Maybe Nokia could find a plan (which they should have already) to provide a unique experience to their customer that would distinguish them from Samsung, LG, HTC phones and others with windows mobile OS.

This is not the news I was expecting to hear. I thought if Nokia one day would shift to another OS that OS would be Android. MeeGo is also an option under development. duh.... Whatever …. good luck Nokia.

Note: The second pic (L) Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop (R) Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer


Seema* said...

Dear Nokia: لو دامت لغيرك لما اتصلت إليك!

راحت عليهم! :p

Addictioneer said...

اي والله راحت عليه
الايفون اكل السوق كله