Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me and Gym

Hi people of planet earth,
Recently I joined the gym with a group of family members. I wanna admit that I became very busy after adding gym to my life’s schedule.

Before joining the gym I used to have a lot of time free with nothing to do but playing video games and drinking tea with Drabeel. Even nap can happen twice a day :p
After joining gym, I don’t have time to all those things. I really miss them though :)

Now what used to be free time is now gym time
Gym is a place where you see lots of dumbbells, weights, bars and other gym machine
You’ll also see many iron men lifting heavy weights and shout “waaaaaaa” “graaaaaaaaa” “oooooooooooh”
You’ll see others cheering and shouting “yeaaaaah” “Push” “Your the monster = wa7sh” :)

Why did I join The gym?
The main reason I joined gym is to regain health. It’s not for building muscles and be like those body builders with lots of cuts around their body
Body building may would make sexy body though this is not my goal
I only wanna gather the remains of my body and build them up again and appear in a good health to the public

In addition to health, I wanna gain weight
Yes I wanna gain weight while most of the people around me wanna lose it

I lost weight dramatically during my sickness treatment
Basically I’m so thin. I weigh about 52kg before the treatment
During the treatemnt, I lost about 5kg and became 47kg may be less sometimes :O
Now I’m 55kg thanks to the gym :)
Yeah, I know am still thin but to me what's happening is a big big progress

Do you plan to take protein powder or supplements?
No Without thinking twice
I don’t wanna screw up my kidney
I don’t wanna screw my body
I just wanna be fit and I’m happy as long as I’m healthy

Cousin told me couple of weeks ago that I’m totally different now, like I’ve been brought to life again. I don’t like family saying such things cause they would touch something inside me that may would let me run to the corner and cry :)

Anybody here interested in gym?



Seema* said...

My comment about the picture " I wanna be fat" I guess only a person who has a high percent of "fat" may be called "fat" and that doesn't define his shape.
We say over weight or obese. I'm sure you don't want to be obese you just want to be average since you are underweight and I wish you a good luck! :")

Hope said...

hey there
good 4 U, I wanted to join a gym this summer but then I decided I wanna sleep all day long lol
& like U, I wanna join a gym to build up my body, I'm so thin, I need to gain weight & build up my muscles a lil bit
Now that I read your post I considering joining a gym again, we'll see

Butterfly Chick said...

good for you !
I wanted to join gym this summer but I guess I always keep myself busy and say I have more important to do while I do nothing actually!
Last time I joined the gym I wanted to gain weight too.. I gained 5kgs :).. Now I wanna join it to shape my body I guess :P.. Bas as I said I'm lazy to do it alone, I need someone to push me and to come with me :P

Good luck with it ;)

Addictioneer said...

I liked ur geeky talk
each person should have percentage of fat in his body
It's not like u should have 100% muscle and 0% fat to be fit. Combination of both would give us a good look
Fat is relative word. Defined differently form person to person

Fat though remains a sign of beauty --> Now that's Kuwaiti talk :)

Obese, the word you mentioned, is the best word for a person with extra fat
This is the first time I heard about that word... *learned from you*

Yes I don't wanna be obese :)
I wanna be fit... Though health is priority #1

Addictioneer said...

Sleep oh sleep
The best sport in life
The best exercise after work
Though I really really recommend gym for you :p

Yes you can grab some dumbbells and build some muscles. Swimming pool is good also. Swimming and working out your body would make you hungry. So after gym is the best time to eat
You'll realize that you're eating more than anytime

Wish you a nice life


Addictioneer said...

@Butterfly Chick
The same here... I keep saying am busy while all I do is gaming, browsing and having tea :P

5Kg+ is so cool. I wanna gain weight. I don't wanna develop "karsh" though :) --> that's my nightmare

Before gym I had to options: to join it with cousins or with father
I joined cousins cause father is retired and he go to the gym late
Everything went well in the beginning until cousins starting to go "barely" midnight. So many times I go alone and I really don't like it. I'm starting to have friends in gym chatting with them and learn from them.
I don't wanna be like an English man in New York

Push yourself
it's worth it
and good luck

AbEeR said...

it's a good thing to have 5 kg+ after treatment

before 1 year I travelled to france to take a treatment with 52 kg , when I came back to kuwait my weight was 45 kg and now I'm 43 kg *_*

maybe i'll doing like you and join a gym (:

Addictioneer said...

52 to 43
oh that's a big big drop

I know how it feels when someone's weight dropping that fast. It's not only about the shape of your body become nearly pathetic (sorry for the word). It's about your health and fitness getting affected
Anybody can easily realize that you get tired so fast. It feels like you have the health of someone in 60s while your age is in 20s

Hope you join gym and most importantly regain your health

AbEeR said...

Yaah I know it's a big trouble to have 43kg while I'm still in 20s , so I'm trying to increase my weight
But some of my friends say
" Don't increase your weight , you have a beautiful body "

Addictioneer said...

It can be a sign of beauty though that kind of beauty isn't common in Kuwait :p

You know that many super-models and actresses are incredibly thin and beautiful. Plz don't let me mention Angelina Jolie :p

Again Health is #1 priority


Anonymous said...

I hate your gym.. kela minah ma nel3ab Resident Evil 5 :<

But I'm glad you're ok now!

Addictioneer said...

Oh long time no playing RE5
Plus, In Ramadan, I barely could read news and even blogs
There is a post I wrote a week ago and waiting for me to do final touches though I really don't have time :(

I promise I will dig for time to play RE5 :D