Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sydney Wollongong and leaving to Gold Coast Plan

Hi people of planet earth,
I'm really really really enjoying my vecation here in Australia
Just wanna summarize what I did in the seven days here sharing with you some photos

I spent couple of hours in Sydney after meeting my cousin. Nothing to mention

 You can see the UTS university building

And took the train to Wollongong

Reached Wollongong and joined cousin and his friends aprartment

I walked around Wollongong like I've never walked before
This is the Crown Street mall

I like the beach and specially the two lighthouses there 

This is The Wollongong Lighthouse

This Lighthouse called  breakwater lighthouse

I also went to the Bellambi Lagoon which took me more than an hour walking to get there. I don't know why I prefered walk there by myself. It's in north Wollongong I should've took the train to reach it easily :)

 And here are some photos of the Cassel Park

 The lake of Cassel Park

And the last photo... it's the Puckey's beach 

Note that all know: click on the photo to enlarge

I have many many photos and of course I cannot post all of them here but I hope you enjoyed looking at the one's I shared here

Tomorrow I will travel to Gold Coast inshalla. I don't know what's there... I just wanna go there :)
So no specific plan :p



Seema* said...

ماشاءالله عليكم بالعافية! :))

Butterfly Chick said...

amaazing shots :D

Addictioneer said...

الله يعافيك
Although most of the time I'm alone shooting photos
I found that cousin doesn't like to walk long distances :)

@Butterfly Chick
Thank you Thank you very much
wish you a double super happy new year