Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 - Happy new year to you all

Hi people of planet earth,
Wanna share with you some photos and "a video" of the new year eve event in Sydney. One of the best fireworks in the world. I couldn't get the far view of the bridge but luckily the main event this year was on the opera house side and it was in front of us with the best view

I wish you a happy new year
I wish you a new  year like a sour cream :p
Sour in a way that you'll like it, enjoy it and will be good for you :p



Butterfly Chick said...

I wanna be in Sydney :(
Happy new year to Sydney :P
It looks like your having an amazing time :D enjoy it dear :)

Rawan said...

yay :)

Addictioneer said...

@Butterfly Chick
I hope you go there and see the beauty of Sydney
But you really have got to take a big chunk of money :)

It was yay and wow :)