Saturday, January 21, 2012

Here I come again + Sydney Opera House

Hi ppl of planet earth,
Here I come again. Back to Kuwait with new laptop and mobile phone :)

Now I can officially announce the retirement of my legendary Toshiba seven years old laptop and the two years old nexus one
Replacing them with the all new google galaxy nexus and Dell inspiron 14z

Now I feel my nexus one is very tiny. I'm also wondering how I used that small screen :)

the laptop on the other hand is an average one. I didn't intend to buy fancy slim i7 with 400 price tag and above... for the time being :)
All I wanted is a laptop that works well with ubuntu linux. I googled for such laptop and found Dell inspiron 14z. Equipped with the second generation 2430M i5. It's a dual core processor but ubuntu system monitor sees it as 4 CPU. I don't know why... maybe because it's dual core with 4 threads... but it doesn't matter. It's linux-friendly and more than enough for my computing needs... also for the time being :)

Ubuntu 64bit installed. had some problems with wireless but I used ethernet wire and updated the system. After that the wireless works fine and everything works out of the box

Coming to the best part: Sydney Opera House
In this post I'll share with you Sydney Opera House photos I took and a video. Inshallah there will be many many photos I'll share them in the upcoming posts
Note-1: All images have been resized... I don't wanna run out of picasa storage :)
Note-2: click on the image to enlarge it


تفاصيلها الصغيرة said...

أفكر أروح سيدني في 2015 لما يصير عمري ٢٥ سنة..لول !


تفاصيلها الصغيرة said...

واو سيدني إنجوي !

Waleed Addictioneer said...

@تفاصيلها صغيرة
انشالله تروحين لها في اقرب وقت
بالنسبة لي المغامرات تبدا من عمر الثلاث وعشرين
هني الواحد يكون بأخر فصل في الجامعة او متخرج متوظف... هني تبدأ الحياة الحقيقية والمسؤولية... والسفرات الشخصية