Friday, March 23, 2012

Butterfly Chick's Tag

Hi ppl of planet earth,
Long time no blogging guys. But thanx to Butterfly Chick for tagging me. It's a great opportunity to break out from my blogging silence with this tag.

Btw, Butterfly chick is a great blogger from Bahrain who blogs about herself and asks nice questions. I really enjoy reading and commenting on her blog. You know I like to participate in "personal" blogs and it's quite hard to find one between all of these redundant and commercial blogs

let's start then

11 Facts about The Addictioneer

1- I am Kuwaiti. Mom is Thai. My family's originates from Dubai
as my grandfather's place of birth is Dubai. Just imagine the combination :)

2- Sitting in a room with Internet Connection, laptop, playstation, TV and Tea could mean the world to me

3- I prefer eating yesterday's home food rather than fancy restaurant and fast food. I also feel guilty if I eat greasy fast-food

4- I have acne since I was 15-16. Now I'm 26 and still get acne. I don't know why am still getting it and have no idea how to cure it

5- I love music. I learned playing Oud by myself using father's Oud. Self-learning comes at a price of course. I've broken father's Oud 3 times. I'm planning to learn keyboard and piano though... if I only have time

6- One Piece is the one and only Anime for me

7- I get afraid by heights. You can see my teardrops after riding those machines at the Entertainment cities

8- I love technology... I love linux. I don't use windows anymore though I have it on my machine for Microsoft ppl. I really encourage everybody here to test Linux. Ubuntu Linux is very easy to install and use specially for linux first-timers and those who wanna smooth transition from Windows to Linux

9- I have a color blind. It's not severe though it's enough to get confused when trying to fill Kuwait flag with color :)
Plus, traffic lights to me is like red, red and white from top to bottom :) 
What a wonderful world :)

10- I prefer watching movie at home in a bluray/dvd rather than in the theater

11- Three years ago I did my first  per-employment test. The result for drugs addiction was positive. Receiving the result was like a slap in the face. I managed to make the doctor do another test and that one came negative. That's the story behind my nickname The Addictioneer.Addicted + Engineer = The Addictioneer

Now to answering the questions:

1. If you were walking and you saw a stranger wearing something that you really wanted to have long time ago, will you go ask from where they got it?
 Umm I wouldn't ask him directly. I would try to start a conversation like "The weather today is so hot man". Slowly till I reach my question. If I couldn't start a it then I would just bit my tongue :)

2. Are you in love?
 No not in love. I don't know why I ain't thinking about love as much I do before HCV. The love idea comes and goes to my mind though
So come on girls... get this heart occupied :p

3. Do you dislike/hate someone?
 Yes I hate someone... That Kuwaiti manager who cheated me when I was doing the resignation papers from the company I worked before
And about dislike, everyone dislikes someone every now and then.
You see yourself dislike someone but after some time you would like him/her. Hate is something different... Dislike isn't something not worthy to mention

4. Have you ever tried drinking alcohol?
I was so curious. Why ppl drink? is it that fun?
So I went to the club thinking what to drink. I really don't know what to drink
I said to myself let's have Vodka
While drinking, I felt something burning inside me and started to get headache.
I stopped and told myself this is not fun

5. Are you a happy person?
 hell yeah

6. Would you live in another country than yours?
 why not. If there is a place with better job... better ppl... better way of life... I would definitely live there

7. Do you believe in second chance?
 Yes and everyone should believe in second chance

8. Would you give a second chance?

9. Do you own a pet?
 No. I have a canary at home. A present from cousin. I like it very much. I don't know if it can be considered a pet :)

10. Do you have a good voice? 
If you asked me this question when I was a teen then I would say Yes. I took the seventh palce in the Quraan Telawa in Ahmadi province. I used to have a good voice back then. But now I can say my voice is from good to ordinary. I can sing but my voice has nothing special :)

11. Are you fat?
  I weigh 59.5kg and my height is 167cm
Conclusion: I'm not fat :)

My Questions:

1. How do you see the future?

2. Do you wanna change something happened in the past? What is it? 

3. Your nickname, what does it mean? 

4. What's the brand of your laptop? 

5. What is the mobile phone you're using? 

6. Do you think about immigration?

7. What's you hobby? 

8. Do you do some exercise, sport or go to gym? do you do anything healthy?

9. Something you want so bad. You want to buy it soon. What is it?

10. Are you enjoying what's happening around you?

11. How can you know that a person is not racist?

Now I tag

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself 
2. Answer the 11 questions I asked 
3. Tag 11 other bloggers and create 11 questions for them to answer 
4. Inform those that you have tagged them 
5. No tag backs

That's all ppl of planet earth. I want to mention that anyone can participate answering any of these questions in the comment underneath

Cheers :)



Butterfly Chick said...

Thanks for your sweet introduction and compliment :)
Amazing combination :P so you should be speaking thai? oh please dun tell me you dont speak :P! I get kind of mad at mom because she did not teach us to speak persian, I mean I understand it very well but I cant speak :P I love speaking in diff languages :P! Spanish is my aim to learn now lol..

I enjoyed reading your answers, I actually agree with you in the dislike part :P ""You see yourself dislike someone but after some time you would like him/her"" true!

Waleed Addictioneer said...

@Butterfly chick
Lool... Unfortunately I don't speak thai. But I had when I was a kid. Father told mom to stop speaking thai because he was afraid that we would hardly speak Arabic when we grow up

Btw father knows some persian. My grandmother raised in sharq district in Kuwait city which was considered as Baloush stronghold :-P
Although my grandmother wasn't Baloush, she learned Baloush and persian lang. So as my father and couple of my uncles

Yasmin said...

Loved ur Answers . please post more in English !!

Waleed Addictioneer said...

Thanx dear
Me you order... from this eye to this eye :p
Inshalla I'll do more posts in english