Monday, July 9, 2012

My Cousin to be guided by moonlight!

Hello ppl of planet earth,
In Chatting clients, Sometimes you write something and send it to the wrong person... to the wrong place. It happened to me many times.
The one who receives the "mistakenly sent message" would evidently write: "What!!!" or something similar to that
Then naturally I should write: "Never mind... sorry... this wasn't for you" or something similar to that
My Cousin though showed me a "new way" to say something similar to that
So let's see our conversation :)

Warning: Someppl would consider the language below a little offensive

And until this day, moonlight that can guide ppl is yet to be explained :p

Conclusion: everybody should pay attention to the sender name to avoid such situation B-)
And take care ppl of planet earth

Cousin: Hey is there any good game you can recommend?
Im feeling the itch to play but i cant seem to find a good game to play
Or vita
Something new
Me: Ooooi
Sorry for the late response
fucking busy this week
 I watched E3 the other day
Sony... Take ma moneey
*Some stupid pic*
Cousin: I dont get you
I don't know
Whats tomorrow is offering is unknown to me
Yet still im gona wait for the moonlight to guide me
Me: Oooooi
What is moonlight bullshit ur talking abt?
Cousin: Lol wtf i didn't day anything
*showing a conversation with no moonlight thing*
Are you ok mate? You sick or something maybe dreaming lol
Me: *showing him conversation with moonlight bullshit*
Cousin: Lol wtf
I didn't write that
I mean come on its too cocky
Me: ummmm
Me: ummmm
Me: ummmm
Cousin: -__-
Cousin: -__-
Cousin: -__-
Me: U used to write cocky things!
Cousin: Me ?
Me: I don't know
Sometimes in your life
Cousin: -__-
Me: Anyways
Gotta wait for moonlight to guide you tho
Cousin: -___-
Fuck you
Me: you everyone is waiting for something to guide him
Am waiting for my sunshine
Cousin: Brb watching naruto
Me: Hahaha
Cousin: Naruto is guiding me right now brb

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