Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thoughts in and about Gold Coast evening tour - Part 1 - Equality & Justice

The day is nearly over, the night is almost here at Gold Coast, Australia
Just returned from the Dream World theme park with my cousin. He was tired after hours and hours riding those funny, enjoying, entertaining and scary rides in addition to watching amusing events there.
Me, on the other hand, wasn't that tired. I used to take one hour break after such tiresome journey then set off walking and taking photos around Gold Coast from sunset till late midnight

One night, I wanted to do something different and hell... It's hard to find something different to do at night in Gold Coast. Most of the shops and malls are closed around 6 o'clock leaving some restaurants, bars, night clubs, casinos and one amusement park to be honest!
Anyways... I went to the resort's reception room. There was, I don't know what they call it in English, a tour's holder/rack :p I checked the tours and there were many. I grabbed a tour that says "Glow worms evening tour including an observatory" and in the description right under the photo it says "wave goodbye to the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast's nightlife for a peaceful evening escape back to the nature"... and oh I really want to wave goodbye to Gold Coast's nightlife that night
So I called them and booked that tour

The bus came. I hopped on. As a kuwaiti I scanned the ppl around me and the situation was OMG. All couples except me. They were from japan, India and Europe I can tell. As the trip advisor started to talk about the tour, I forgot all about being alone... It wasn't the time to say "forever alone" cause it isn't Valentine day :p It was just a Christmas day... or I should say the day before Christmas day :)

To travel alone... that was my decision after all. To meet my cousin.
Traveling alone gives you more control on traveling plans. You can go anywhere without worrying about some partner being bored. Or even you, getting bored by partner's places of interest.

A question comes to mind. Should everyone experience traveling alone?
Big question
My father tried to convince me not to travel alone to that country. He couldn't change my mind.
I understand my father being worried about his son traveling overseas alone. I'll be worried for the same reason if I were a father.
It was not my choice to begin with. I tried to search for a partner to travel with me. I couldn't find one. My relatives can't afford staying one month in Australia. Some of them concerned about the money others are married :)
But I want to go there. No one can stop me :)
Answering the question... traveling alone is not a goal. If it happened then it's just happened. It's not something considered to be a big achievement added to someone's life imho. The real achievement is what did you do in the country you traveled to.

What about girls traveling alone?
In my family, I know wives did travel alone. Not completely alone but with some other wives or girls as company.
Never heard of a young girl in the family traveled alone
I don't think that father would allow my sister to travel alone

Anyway... What is my opinion? I'll answer that directly though you should know that The Addictioneer two years ago wasn't the same as The Addictioneer now. Likely won't be the same two years from now. My thoughts and personality are in continuous change :)

So my opinion "now", for my son - if I have one-  I wouldn't allow him to travel alone or with friends if he's "not in college or above". Traveling alone when still in college is arguable though. Traveling with family is the best thing to allow at this age. This should be understandable. A man whose "not in college or above" can considered to be teen. Their personality is shaping this period and should be shaped under sight imho.

Now for the tough part, girls traveling. This part would get most of the argues due to that fact they are "women" and to how Islam/"Islam ppl" looks to women.
To me I wouldn't mind my daughter travel abroad and alone if she's going to study. I can't think of any reason to allow her travel alone other than studying but I would say that I would allow that for something reasonable. Something other than tourism. Fear and anxiety will still be there though traveling alone for a good "cause" can cover them.
So I lean to the fact that they are girls. Father, who loves his daughter, naturally gets worried whenever his daughter goes outdoor.

I remembered the Imam of our city mosque said: "Islam isn't a religion of equality. It's the religion of justice. Islam doesn't say that man and woman are equal. Islam insures justice between man and woman"

I would like to live in a world where man and woman are equal though :)

To be continued...

I'll leave you with some Gold Coast photos
and of course you can click on the image to see the HD big photo

 High in the sky

 Gold Coast High way

Santana Hotel at the Surfers Paradise

My cousin - no face for privacy :p

Left is my leg - right is his

 Cousins can sleep in one bed *Angel face*

Just outside the hotel


Seema* said...

Lovely photos. Mashallah 3alekom bil3afya! It did seem like you enjoyed yourself. It's nice to have new experiences.

*It's called a Brochure in English! ; )

Waleed Addictioneer said...

Thanx Seema
Yeah I should've say Brochure Section :D