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Thoughts in and about Gold Coast evening tour - Part 3 - Less Social

Taking the winding streets of the Tamborine mountain heading to the rain forest in springbrook. The bus stopped working once... thank god it wasn't engine issue. The driver just didn't shift the gear early enough or maybe he didn't press the clutch properly.
I like how the mountains look at night with huge tree everywhere. They are beside the street, up in the mountain and down the cliffs. Giving a great scene at night. A scene that you wouldn't like to see alone of course :)

It's raining already, we've reached the place where we could see the glow worms. We hopped off the buss and wear the raining suit given by the trip advisor and before get going he told us that our legs could catch leeches as we walk through the rain forest and that it happens more often when it's raining (thanks for the good news mate). He said that we shall not get panic if we get to see a leech in our legs and mentioned that they only suck blood!.
He added that sucking blood is actually good for our health!. So the more leeches you get the more healthier you'll be. ummm too much info mate. I don't wanna get healthier by leeches. I don't want leeches 7ejama :D

So knowing that I was wearing short, nearly half of my legs are naked so they're really easy yet delicious target for leeches. They don't have to worry about my hep c cause I cleared it out :p
I came to think that wearing short is good and bad... bad for the reason I mentioned earlier and good for I can actually see where the leech could be on my leg. "It could reach your legs even if you're wearing jeans" the trip advisor said. So it really doesn't matter

Anyways, through the dark rain forest using our headlight we walked till we reach a small store. There the trip advisor asked us to check our legs for any leech here and there. No one had.... Very good. Anyways, the store sells some forests goods, variety of soaps, creams and honey among other products. All of them are produced from the forest's green tree.  I decided to pass not buying anything. I regret not buying honey though :D

After that we went to a cave where the glow worms reside. The trip advisor started with a very boring presentation that demonstrates glow worms, their life cycle and how they catch other insects blah blah blah

Wasn't interested... I just wanted to see the glow worms
Went beyond some door and it was amazing
It was very dark inside and you can see tiny lights like the stars all over the cave. The scene was amazing. I couldn't take any photo as The trip advisor said taking photos isn't allowed. It's because the glow worms will stop glowing if we shoot with camera flash. They are sensitive to white light. They would think it's sunrise and would stop glowing.
The trip advisor used some red/green light to show us the glow worms as it doesn't affect the them.
Anyways what you'll see is similar to the pics below
Note: If you want to know more about glow worms, check the "Material about glow worms" section at the end of this post

The most interesting fact, to me, is that they glow to attract insects to their web which is basically a string of liquid sticky thingy. But "why insects attract to the light of the glow worm?"
There is no definite answer to this question though the trip advisor says the best explanation is that insects tends to travel toward the stars and that glow worms colonies look like stars at night. So insects would follow the stars-like glow worms until being trapped in their sticky strings!

The part that made me laugh is when the trip advisor said that the brighter the glow worm glow, the hungrier they are. He continued "And am very hungry... That's why am glowing very bright now" LOOOL

It is very interesting to remember how I was able to adapt to the ppl around me. I thought that I'll be alone and silent during the journey. I was the opposite.
It isn't that am very social... Most of the time I was like silent or looking lost in journeys, bus or when someone tries to start a conversation.
I remember the night before Christmas eve I went with my cousin to to buy some food. We were preparing for the Christmas day cause nearly all restaurants will be closed that day. We don't want be starving to death :p.... anyways, I put the shopping basket on the cashier table.
She said "groceries huh"
I replied with "yep" and yep only
I finished paying... as soon as I left the store cousin told me "are you stupid or what?"
I said "haaaa... What happened?"
He said "The cashier... she wanted to talk to you but you ignored her"
I said "I don't know... I mean how did you know?"
He said "She was confused... really obvious when she tried to charge your credit card"
Actually am the one who's confused. How can I know someone is interested in like talking to me or knowing me
My cousin continues "You could've say like we're preparing for the Christmas eve. start some conversation... you could've end in a date with her"
hahaha bullshit

I can be weak when it comes to being social though I would say this is quite natural for geeks! I mean ppl who spend hours and hours in front of computer, gaming consoles or even watching Anime are less social than other ppl.
As a computer engineer I have many geek and nerd friends. What I mean with "nerds" is those ppl who solves a mathematical problem with a huge smile on their face and they would say "I solved a tough mathematical problem and it made my day"!.... Anythough, I would say they are less social but imho they are very honest and straightforward. 

I prefer ppl being honest and straightforward rather than being social
it's not bad being less social than others
Though I have to be more social... or I should say I have to be more interactive with ppl :D

I remember a Canadian old man at the company I used to work before... Those days when I didn't have problem working form 7:00am to 7:00pm
Anythough, it was 7:00pm and I was still working as he came and said to me "Waleed... if you keep working like this you'll never get married"
hahaha another bullshit

To be continued...

Now I'll leave you with some Gold Coast photos
Note: You can always click on the images to enjoy them in full screen :)


Material about Glow Worms:



Yasmin said...

Woow.. i loved the last line :P

Keep on Going

Seema* said...

There is no fact that says if you're a geek, you have no -social- life. It's really your choice. Live out side the frame not inside it.

Waleed Addictioneer said...

Peace :D
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You're right. It isn't a fact though it's common :D
I'm trying hard though
I would like to get outside the frame swiftly. If I failed, I would smash it :))