Monday, August 20, 2012

Thoughts in and about Gold Coast evening tour - Part 4 - Blame The Society

We returned to the bus after watching the glow worms and it's time to visit the observatory...
So we're there at the observatory... To be exact, It's called Springbrook Research Observatory. We've been introduced to two "researchers". Andre Clayden and Helen, not really sure about her name though, an astronomer and co-astronomer. Andre started to introduce himself and talk about astronomy. It took me five minutes to get lost. I was, actually I am, interested to know about observatory and astronomy though it's hard to follow when I don't understand astronomy terms and words... I didn't know what he was talking about :D
So I didn't bother myself hearing the rest of the talks

While Andre was talking about astronomy, Helen invited all the visitors with cakes and tea. She told us to feel free to eat more cause there is a lot. I prepared tea for myself and craved one piece of cake. It was a big piece covered a little with shredded coconut and was yummy. I finished eating that one and she told me "you're the one who should eat more than one piece" LOOL obviously am the thinest person there :)

She was a tall old nice woman. She said "Where are you from" and I told her from Kuwait. She was like ummm... It's near Dubai. The trip advisor joined and told me that I don't have middle eastern face. I told him yeah actually my father is Kuwaiti but mom is actually Thai so that's why. He told me that he is from Japan... cool I love Japan
He said "You're Muslim then" and I said yup
I asked him "What about you?"
He said "I don't believe in anything. I don't believe in God"
I said "You don't believe in God!"
I moved two steps away from him
He said "Why?"
I said *Confused* "I'm afraid of... thunder from sky"!
He said "It's personal choice to believe in something, isn't it?"
I replied "yes" :S
I always respect ppl's personal and religious views but I didn't encounter someone who don't believe in God in my life. I'm a man with values though. I should respect his views though.
That is sick though... :p

Anyways, Helen told me that some members of her family are in Jordan and that she's been in Dubai long time ago. She told me that the thing she likes about Dubai is their perfumes.
She said "Do you know Ajmal?" of course I know
She said that she love their perfumes "I put their perfume and walk outside everyone would ask me what's that nice strong perfume and I would reply it's Ajmal"
She even went to her room and brought the bottle. It wasn't like the one I see in the market these days so I said "Yeah it's old... I don't think it's available in the market anymore. It smells good though like all the old perfumes". By smelling the perfume I knew what she likes... A perfume that is strong like Arabic perfumes and smells romantic like French ones.
I said to her that Ajmal became old and there are other shops that sell perfumes better than theirs in packages and in competitive prices... You can hear her saying "uh... OMG" and sort of that reaction... hahaha definitely she admires the perfume.
I'm not planning to travel to Australia in the near future though definitely would bring her a bunch of perfumes if I go there :)

Anythough, She also told me that she's surprised at how women there are covering their entire body, head and face all in black. she was wondering about how can they stand the hot weather and breath under that cover and if Islam is forcing women to wear like this. ummm... tough questions. I told her that it's maybe when you were there long time ago but it's not like that anymore. Ppl has changed cause they now watch other worlds and now you can see "colors".
Am I right???  :S

She asked me "Do you want women wear all black?"
hahaha... another tough question. I said "No". Mother earth isn't black only and women have the right to express their beauty.
You have a great voice then no one in the world should stop or prevent you from showing your great voice
You have some talent then no one in the world should stop or prevent you from showing your talent
You are beautiful then no one in the world should stop or prevent you from showing your beauty
If you have a gift from God then no one should stop or prevent you from exploiting it
Tough everything should be shown or exploited in a "decent" way. "Decent" is relative though. It's interpreted differently. I used to see women and ask myself why these women don't follow the Islamic way of clothing.... why my sister doesn't wear hijab!...
Not anymore... I have changed. That after when I discovered that the Islamic way of Hijab/clothing is also relative and that even in the early ages of Islam women weren't wearing black all the way. Also, Hijab was showing some hair back then. Even Hijab wasn't there as a term!
I also see that Islamic clothing is actually some regulation set by old Islam scholars or Sheikh and that it's like a personal view plus it's very old imho!

Anythough, What I wanna say here is that women's clothing isn't the problem of Islam. It's the problem of our society. In our society, no matter what women  wear they'll be followed and be susceptible to harassment. Some men need only to see the eyes of a woman to say AAWOOOOOO like wolves... even though woman wears Neqab. (I shouldn't call them men though... Everybody knows what a man is!)
You can also see how some men or even kids follow girls in the malls like zombies. Whenever I go to a mall I ask myself what happened to the world?!
What's wrong here?
What's in those ppl's brain?
What is the "real" society's perception of woman anyway?
It's complicated
It happened that there's a huge difference between my own perception of women and between "Islam's" and society's ones

To be continued...

Now I'll leave you a video with collection of my videos in Gold Coast (mind me... am very tired now :D )
Note: I totally sucks in videos. I think the video will show you that am very lazy to hold the camera for more than 30 seconds rather than showing you Gold Coast :p
And I hope it showed something :D

Eid mubarak to you all



Seema* said...

You made me laugh over stepping backward from him.. شدعوة!

لا حياة دون إيمان فحتى الملحد.. له إيمانه بما يراه صواب وخطأ.
كان يحز بخاطري إني أشوف أحد ضايع بالمفاهيم فأناقش وأحاول أفهم الأسباب لحد ما وصلت إلى قناعة "إنك لا تهدي من أحببت"
في ناس ما تبي تؤمن بالله وناس لحد الحين ما صار عنده إيمان بالله.. الحالة الأولى إختاروا عدم الإيمان دون أسباب لكن الحالة الثانية في أمل كبير بتغيرون لأنهم لازالوا يبحثون والله.

والحجاب فرض.. لكن ماالحجاب؟
الحجاب فكرة قبل لا يكون قطعة خام تستر الراس.


Waleed Addictioneer said...

صدمني... أول مرة بحياتي واحد يقول لي انه ما يؤمن بشي
فحسيت ان برق بيطق من السما عليه
فرجعت خطوة او خطوتين!

أعتقد ان الشخص الياباني قاللي انه يؤمن بنفسه... قعد أحفر بذاكرتي لتأكيد انه قال هالشي بس مو قادر على ذاكرتي التعبانة... بس أعتقد قال هالشي

الحجاب فكرة ولكن المجتمع هني يعتبرونه فكر فيقولون
المحجبة محترمة
المحجبة عارفة دينها
المحجبة تصلح للزواج
أما الغير محجبة فمن اسمها

كما أضحك وأشعر بالاسف على اختلاق "هناك من يحارب الحجاب" وايضا اختلاق "الذئاب يقصدون المتبرجات" !
واللي يضحك أكثر هو ان كل هذا يفتعله رجال الدين او الليبراليين كما يقولون... يعني اللي يفتعله بالنهاية هو الرجل
والنساء يمشون ورا هالرجال في الصراعات

شخصيا صرت ما أربط بين الدين والمظهر لكلا الجنسين
والشي هذا خلصني من كثير من العُقد اللي كنت فيها بالماضي القريب

آسف اذا كنت طلعت عن الموضوع الاساسي بس مخي الدايخ وأفكاري "الأديخ" مالهم حل