Monday, December 31, 2012

New year's resolution for 2013 + Lil update about me

Hi ppl of planet earth,
Long time no blogging and what to blame?
Blame that little big game called Persona 3 portable on my Playstation vita
I started playing this game long time ago. I ain't exaggerating if I say one year ago. I wanted to finish it but I didn't have the time. So, a month ago, I decided to finish it... But how?
Stop gym
Stop Diwaniya
Stop blogging :-P
Play at home
Play at jakhoor
And in the car
Now that I finished the game and I say YATTAAAA
So if you ask me why all this... I would say because I am a nerd... Bwahahahahah 

Anyway, the game has a very attractive characters. Each character has its own goal to achieve that keep them to fight the darkness. In the middle of the action some will die and they will lose hope. Then each character begins asking self questions like
why are we fighting the darkness?
Why we want to live?
Why are we exist... in this world?
Among other questions
So they will discover that the bond between ppl is the thing that makes us want to live... and that Bla bla bla
Actually I like such games... Games that are filled with philosophy
It isn't just wasting time 

I'll start with a Lil update about me
Life is going very fine with me in 2012. 
It started smooth. 
No Action
No drama
Ended a little rough though.
Umm not rough like am sick or lost or anything that gets someone emotional :-D
It's like things didn't go according to the plan and what makes it frustrating is that I don't have plan B... Loool 

I planned to travel to USA for Christmas and celebrate the New Year but it didn't happen because of the big delay of my US Visa approval. It's been more than three months. Still didn't get approved though. Plus, out of a sudden, I decided to apply for a new job. It isn't that I have low salary in my current job. It's because I ain't doing anything in my current job. I wanted to move from the government sector to the private one... While ppl are moving from public to government. Hahaha I swimming against current.

So I'm trying to find a new job. If I found one, I'll pack my bags and head off to it. If I didn't, I'll say el7mdellah 3la kel 7aal but I'll pack my bags for a big vacation to some western countries :-D
This is considered as a decision... Not plan B :p

Coming to think of plans... They usually change. So one has better to have many plans. When I was in college, I used to have my own longterm plan. A five years plan. I said to myself that I'll graduate, find a job and save some money for a sport car then get married. Not interested in traveling. Everything is fine. Every thing is good. Until I get sick. Those plans got deleted... Loool... Not even suspended
Though I'm free of my sickness
Now that I got new plans
Taking care of my brothers... Those who are still in high school. Two of them are done and now in college. Two to go.
Traveling the world was added to the plan :-)
Maybe that's my plan
You should realize that marriage now isn't in the plan lool
Yeah it's not in the plan though plans do change you know.
Besides, marriage can be considered as fate... Not necessarily a plan :-D

Aaaaand now to 2013 the Addictioneer's resolution.... YATTAAAA
- Obviously, change of career
- Continue to take care of my brothers and beat manners into them 
- Travel to USA :D
- Buy a new mobile phone  :p
ummm what else.... May be that's all 
haha simple and straightforward I think 

I have hopes as well :)
I hope that all the ppl who're waiting, seeking, claiming, looking for or fighting for freedom realize that freedom isn't about making your religion or doctrine to rule. It's not about sacking those who don't follow your faith or not belong to your family.
Freedom is about living in peace with each other... No discrimination. Equal opportunities in building a nation. 
So if those freedom seekers follow that way then they will get freedom
They won't ever get it otherwise 

I wish you a happy super duper new year with whom you love




Seema* said...

I hope your plans would turn into success. Wishing you the best!
Have a wonderful year! :))

AbEeR said...

يعجبني اصرارك على إنك تبي تخلص اللعبه بأي طريقه .. لكن ثاني مره لا تلعب بالسياره .. ترا اللعبه ما راح تطير p:
بالنسبه حق مخططاتك لعام ٢٠١٢ واللي ما حققتها عادي ولا تزعل في وايد غيرك خططوا وخططوا وخططوا وبالاخير ما انجزوا اي شي من اللي خططوه @_@ .. ويمكن كانت فرصه حلووه انه سفرتك تكنسلت عشان تقضي راس السنه مع اهلك وبين ربعك (-؛
أهنيك على حماسك ومحاولتك باستغلال الوقت .. كلنا عارفين ان بديرتنا الوظايف الحكوميه تقتل هالحماس .. الواحد منا يتخرج وبباله وايد اشياء وده يحققها بالوظيفه لكن ينصدم بالاخير ان الوظيفه شي روتيني اقعد كل يوم الصبح روح طق الكرت وانطر الدوام متى يخلص عشان ترد البيت .. لا انجاز ولا حتى شي يرد الحماس اللي كان موجود بعد التخرج .. ان شاء الله تلقى وظيفه بالقطاع الخاص قبل لا ينقتل فيك هالحماس وتاخذ سياره سبورت وتتزوج وتشتري فون يديد وتسافر وتتم تهتم باخوانك .. عسى الله يخليك لهم ويخليهم لك ويشافيك من المرض
وكل عام وانته بخير ( :

Zahraa Ali said...

مرحبا، وليد
لا ادري بما اعقب ، تحديثاتك قرأتها و عقبت عليها من خلال متابعتي لتغريداتك :$ ^^"
لكن ، دخلت هنا لاعتقادي بانك - ربما- اصلحت اضاءة المدونة .. على كل حال ربما في السنة القادمة ان شاءالله p:

اتمنى لك كل الخير (f)

Waleed Addictioneer said...

I wish you the same
Great life
Great health
Wish you a wonderful year++

هههه... صدقتي يا عبير. احتفالي مع الاهل كان مميز جدا
وشكرا جدا جدا جدا عالكلام الجميل

@Zahraa Ali
أهلا زهراء
تجبني الشركات اللي تقول لي بصراحة اني غير مقبول. مو مثل بعض الشركات اللي يتركونك معلق. والدرب بالاصل فيه مصاعب اكثر من القبول. والمحاولات انشالله جاية في شركات اخرى

اما عن الاضاءة مادري... احتاج كهربائي يجدد لي الاضاءة باضواء "سوداء" جديدة

الغريبة انك صايرة عاجلة بالتعليق

وانا ايضا اتمنى لك الخير