Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Left Melbourne... G'day Wollongong

Hi ppl of blue planet earth,
Everybody know from twitter than I'm in Australia now. So, my US visa "is still under process... duh" and I really wanted to have a holiday. Staying in Kuwait more than a year without traveling overseas isn't a healthy thing considering the shitty political and social environment.
Though I never thought I will choose travel to Australia again but it happened and I think I made the right choice. I don't wanna travel to stay in a hotel getting myself worm in cold snowy Europe. I don't want to travel to any of Arab lands either. So there was Australia :)

I started in Melbourne. A nice big big city that you don't have many things to do. I stayed 9 days there and I can say five to seven days is more than enough for it. Unless you have a wife you can stay for 9 days like and maybe you'll go bankrupt. It's because Melbourne the city is full of fashion, jewelery, boutique among other shops that women adore.

For those who are planning to stay in Melbourne here are some suggestions of places to visit and activities to do:
- Melbourne Aquarium
- Tour to Philip Island
- Tour to the Great Ocean Road
- Walk along the Yarra River and See the flares of "Crown Casino" on the weekends and may be enjoying bars :p
- Wander the city streets and lanes. There are nice shops and restaurants around
- Check if there is any event in Theater. I went to the "Her Majesty's theater" for "chitty chitty bang bang" play and it was woow

Anyways, now am in Wollongong. I'll stay here going back and forth to the crazy city "Sydney" for ten days maybe

Leave you with some photos of Melbourne :)
Note: Click on photos to enjoy them in High resolution :)

Melbourne Day

Melbourne Night (Most of the photos taken near the Yarra River)

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