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Must see in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Hi ppl of blue planet earth,
Now that am back to Kuwait with all my adventures in Australia.
Back to work
Back to the congested streets
and most importantly, back to the family

I visited Melbourne, Sydney "back and forth to Wollongong", Brisbane and Gold Coast. So I want to write about must see places and places to go in this post.

So let's start.

I already wrote a post about Melbourne though it's not a problem to write about it again and "copy paste" from it :)

Anyways, Melbourne is a lovely city. I would say it looks "more beautiful" than Sydney. The streets looks better than those in Sydney. Tramways gives the city some sort of personality. Something between old and modern.

Places to go in Melbourne:
- Walk next to the Yarra river and watch the flares of the crown casino at weekend nights
- Visit the Melbourne Exhibition Center
- Wander around walking the footpath and check the restaurants and stores. For girls, Melbourne is full of small boutiques for you to go bankrupt
- Check theaters for events. You might find a nice show
- Tour to the "Great Ocean Road"which I recommend it. It's a very must book tour
-Tour to the Phillip island. I didn't go there. It's about getting close to the Aussie wildlife there and see the coastline and watching Penguins parade. I don't know why but I recommend that tour for couples
- Shopping at the DFO "Direct Factory Outlet"

The crazy expensive city. Where to go in Sydney?
- Sydney Tower... emm it's like Kuwait Towers though there you'll see the gorgeous Sydney from above
- Taking photos at the Opera house maybe you wanna book for some interesting shows held there
- Wander around Sydney harbour and Darling harbour maybe having dinner and launch there
- Taronga Zoo. You have to go there early morning otherwise you'll miss there shows
- hop on the ferry to Manly. Great Beach out there if you go there in "their" summer"
- Bondai beach is another beach to consider
- Visit the Blue Mountains. You don't have to book a tour for that. Just use the rail ways to a town called Katoomba then hop on the Bus to the Blue Mountains where you can enjoy the rainforest and the waterfalls
- Visit the royal Botanic garden and see trees and plants around the world there

It's just a small city that's known for their college "UOW" University of Wollongong. I'm socially attached to this city. Most of my friends study there. It doesn't mean you don't want to be there. The places you can go:
- Shopping at the "Crown Street Mall"
- There's a botanical garden next to the college
- Walk along the beach to the Wollongong lighthouse
ummm maybe that's all about Wollongong

ummm... I didn't like that city that much. In my "5 days" experience there's nothing much to discover and the ppl there are Anti-social though. I don't say don't go there. I would recommend some places and some activities
- Walk along Brisbane river
- Shopping at the "queen street mall". I call it the "in the fresh air" Grand Avenues
- Visit South Bank and enjoy the gorgeous footpaths and restaurants there
eh... maybe that's all about Brisbane and I think Brisbane visitors are all end up going back and forth to South bank only. One Australian guy told me not to go the west Brisbane because there are racist aboriginal/Aussie there.

Gold Coast:
This place is where the all fun happens. The list of fun things can go on and on. The best city in Australia an it's all for all. For the guys, girls, single, married, couples, family...
So let's start:
- Going to the theme parks. You have movie world, dream world, wet and wild, sea world, wax museum among many others
- Believe it or not odditorium. A themed gallery with statues of unusual ppl around the world. Walk through the tunnel of illusion. Spoiler: there's a dance spot before the exit :p
- A place called Infinity. It's  like an out of this world maze where you will encounter futuristic halls with lights and mirrors and you'll have to find the doors. tip: it's a great place to dance while wandering around :p
- Dracula Haunted House. It's the same as infinity though it isn't a maze. You just walk through a creepy Dracula themed halls and it's fun
- Dracula Carpet Restaurant. You like having dinner while watching to creepy funny shows with some stand up comedy then this place is yours. I loved their shows more than their food. I laughed my stomach out there. It's a must visit place. tip: Go for the VIP offer. It isn't that expensive for better seats and viewing angle
- Glow worms evening tour with observatory. It's a best selling tour and I enjoyed it twice
- Shopping at the malls. Pacific fair, Oasis mall,Australia fair, Surfers paradise mall. And you can take the bus to a little far city called Robina. there's a mall called Robina Town Center. Though the best place to go shopping is Harbour Town Shopping Center. It's full of outlets so you'll see the lowest price tags there. huh... one can't have enough shopping overseas
- I don't have to mention the Beach part again and again. You don't run out of Beach in Australia. It's a big continent surrounded by Beach anyways
and the list goes on and on for Gold Coast. I'm sure you'll discover more if you go there and go bankrupt :)

May be that's all for me in Australia. So have your adventure
Now Enjoy the photos. Click on them to enjoy the HQ
Note: I'm too lazy to choose the right photos. I didn't check the post thoroughly so mind my English style in this post. I'm just tired

Great Ocean Road

Royal Botanical Garden


Sydney from Taronga Zoo

Melbourne queen street mall

Brisbane South Bank footpath

Brisbane river

Burleigh heads

Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Government House at the Royal botanical garden

Yarra river at Melbourne

Barbour Bridge at Sydney

Taronga zoo entrance

Taronga zoo

Koala at Taronga zoo

Wollongong at night

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