Friday, May 30, 2014

It's about my bro

Hi ppl of blue planet earth,
I'm writing this to you as I am breathing freedom right from the land of freedom.
Though it pains me a little that I had to enjoy this while my brother is having his health issues treated in here.
But you know ... Overall... I'm enjoying this
It's like sour and sweet
And it isn't like I've never been through situation similar to this 

My bro Faisal is having kidney issues since the day he got into this world. His right kidney is working 8% now which is considered not functional and the other one is sore but can do the job. He've been through many surgeries in Kuwait and the doctors said he can live with these kidneys and he'll be fine with them though in that time his right kidney was working 20% with growth injection when he was infant.

Starting this year, he just keeps getting fever and back pain every 3 weeks or so . The doctors in Kuwait did just fine collecting data about his kidney issues but his health keeps deteriorating so he applied for US hospitalization.

Tonight he'll be having a surgery to remove the right kidney. It's small and non functional besides it's causing him reflexes of urine and infection in it . plus, the reflexes of urine back into his body results in infection reaching the good sore kidney so they'll have to work on that too but this is for later

Long story short, he'll be having a surgery for small right kidney removal and inshalla it will succeed.

Sigh, this was not the plan as I'm supposed to write something about myself
But why not write something about my brother and the situation am in.
Besides, family is part of myself... That no doubt for a 28 years old guy who got born and raised with his family for 28 years

BTW am in Minnesota state, Minneapolis city. Any one, preferably a girl, there who'd like to say hi let me know 😝

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