Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Year's Resolution 2014 + Reviewing My 2013

Hi ppl of blue planed Earth,
I know.. I know that my activities in social network dropped to its lowest levels recently
That because I was very very very busy lately
And that brings me to an interesting thought
I'm starting to believe that at the end of every year, something "life changing" happens
That was the pattern over the past three or four years
The year starts boring then interesting (mid year) then mind blowing at the end of the year
This year is no different. Except it was mind blowing for good

Firstly, let me review my last year's resolutions which are:

  • Change of a career  --> Fail
  • Continue to take care of my brothers and beat manners into them --> Success... and it will always be :D 
  • Travel to USA --> Fail... I didn't get the Visa and it's still under processing since October 2012. I have traveled to Australia instead :D 
  • Buy a new mobile phone --> Success... I have my shiny new Google LG Nexus 5 and I happen to love it :D 
That sums up my last year's resolution. Well the main task was "Change of a career" and I failed in that 
It sounds as simple as "I'll change my job" 
but it doesn't 
Actually I needed "Wasta" LOOOOL
Well I feel relatively bad about that I couldn't get a new career
But I'm very happy!
I passed the CCNA Exam and I'm a Certified Cisco Network Associate
I know that it's nothing compared to my peers who may got the PHD level of networking
And I know that I will not work on Cisco Networks at my work place cause all I do is paperwork
But it means a lot to me
It gave me a big boost towards carrying through self development and having more knowledge
And more importantly, it gives me a sense of achievement in my kinda boring life

Though I have new resolutions... new goals for 2014. Which are:
  • Study more. Maybe I'll study CCNP, the professional level of Cisco Networks 
  • Apply for a Master Degree Program overseas
Well That's all.
I make it sounds easy LOL
Well... I'm looking forward to challenges, successes and failures

Before ending the post I'd like to say something to those who are "giving up everything although there's a chance to correct things":
You'll fail
You'll get Emo
You'll feel bad
really really bad
You'll feel the world is so heavy on your shoulders
and it is
But don't give up everything when you still have chance
Maybe "the chance you didn't take" is the one that would've fixed all things up and put you on the right track
Consume all your chances
Don't just give up

Anyways all ppl of blue planet earth,
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy wonderful year full of great adventures and accomplishments

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