Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chat at Work - 2 - Freedom is about parties and Hentai

The chat continues. One topic led to another and we were talking about relationships

I said something like:
Why are we forced to live most of our life under the control of our parents?
Like they decide:
Where should I stay?
When can I go outdoor?
Sometimes... what should I study?
Whom should I marry?

Well I can understand such control till I reach the age of 20 
After 20 it doesn't make sense
I imagine a place where every 20 and above "human" can decide where to stay, what to study, whom to love and all. I bet it will be better than familial, tribal control.
I mean better than a community system that suggests long term control of their youths's way of life and behavior.
Usually, western countries allow their young ppl to have the freedom to live their own life at a certain age. When I look at these countries I see that young ppl there are:
Much better in the personal level
More passionate 
More self reliant 
More confident
Maybe that's why I see Kuwaitis who studied at western universities are the best when it comes to soft skills and decision making 

I can see the "?!" on the heads of my friends
One freind, a girl with the name "Afrah", said "Waleed... You're seeing things with your own eyes. Others see something different on their own eyes"!
She said that those countries with such way of life have good education. That's why they tend to have good and responsible people.
And that if Kuwait is granted such life, it will be chaos. Boys will make parties everywhere. It just doesn't suit our society.

Well I got the hidden message in what Afrah said
She said "Education" huh
We can always improve our educational system

The hidden message in all what she said is something like "The age of consent"
Giving youth the freedom to seek the life they want --> parties --> coitus --> chaos
Why does it have to be about coitus?

That reminds me of the "super ultra ultimate limited edition questions" that guys used to toss on every discussion table.
Do you accept that for your sister?
Do you allow your daughter to do that?

If you're asked such questions, what would be your answer?
I used to do the "face palm"
Because it would take me a lot of time going through finding logic & brain farting to find the answer :D
Some people can go as far to say something like "Do you allow your sister go to parties and dance if there is a night club in Failaka?"
Straight to my face
Sigh... I really like those people

The answer is -after going through finding logic & brain farting-:
First of all, my father is still living and kicking. He's the one responsible to allow her to go parties or not. But if you ask me "Do you allow your daughter to go to parties?" I would say it depends because you know there are "good parties" and "bad parties".
"birthday parties" are good parties while "striping parties" are bad parties
But if you insist on giving answer I would say "No"
Why? cause I live defensively. I have to protect the ones I love. I can't let my daughter just wander around a cruel world where everyone looking for raw meat
But at the same time I believe that there is a community, within our society, that allow their beloved young boys and girls to live independent life and protect them at the same time

But as I said, I get too confused to answer these question LOL
You know the pressure, tension and all
Some times I don't even "face palm"
Why do I "face palm"?
I know how brain works in most of the people of this society
I know what are they afraid of
I know what's in their "end of the tunnel"... It's coitus

I was talking about the right of being "independent" but friends keep bringing coitus and link it to "freedom"
That makes me wonder "Are they really listening to me?"

Some how, Afrah changed the subject

She was talking about some weird guys. Two guys to be specific
The first guy I should call him "The scientifically honest" guy
That guy said to his old single sister "I know that you have your needs like eating and drinking. I bet you need sex since you're not married. If you need to have sex, don't worry.
Just let me know and I'll arrange that"
And he does arrange that
-- well, sex isn't basically "a need" for human. That is scientifically proven. 
Because we will die if we don't eat or drink but on the other hand we won't die if we don't have sex. 
Though I can approve that one would die "inside" from lack of sex LOL --

The other guy is "the Hentai" guy
She said that he told her that he does "wife swap". It's like he make a deal with other couples to do the "wife swap" and they practice it at chalets
So if they were two couples, they book for two chalets
and if they were three couples, they would book three chalets
-- first of all, the chalets part falls under "too much information" milady. 
Second, wife swap!... that's gross. 

Everybody was in shock from the "wife swap" story. It's when another friend, a guy, interfered to add his story.
-- I should tell you that this friend is an athletic guy. He plays Judo and regularly builds his body in gym. Long story short, he's a handsome black guy with big muscles and six packs that make most of the girls drool -Now that you call "too much info"--
Anyways, He said he met a guy. That guy is a "friend of his friend".
So they became friends, exchanged phone numbers, hangout together and all.
One day that friend told him something like:
" I want you to be a friend who's always with me. You can stay at my family's home whenever you like. You can even hangout with my sisters, like you're one of the family.
And I want you to be with me, hangout together and do shopping together. You choose clothes for me. I can buy you gifts"
-- It turned out that man is gay and that the man is offering something like "Gay marriage" --
As soon as he finished telling his story, Afrah said:
"This is the freedom that Waleed wants"

I can swear that it took me like one tenth of millisecond to react:
And linking freedom to all those stories is not fair
This time, I had to "face palm"

That's all


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