Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chat at work -1- Your pants should be identical to mine

One friend, a girl, talked about how people are dressed these days. She was complaining rather than talking I must say. It was about:
Girls with little to zero hair on one side of their head leaving the other side with long hair
guys wearing low waist jeans with underwear shines out for public to see
Girls showing their sexy curves
Guys showing their extraordinary muscles
Weird mustache
chest hair
among many other things

She says
What's with those people?
How they wear something like that?
It's 3aib "Aiyb"
People shouldn't be allowed to wear that
Guys should be forced to join military to be real men instead of wearing low waist jeans and do weird haircuts

I was in total disagreement with her as I see that everyone should have the freedom to dress as they like.
Most of my friends disagree with me if not all of them though, which I find weird. I thought that they would agree with me but that didn't happen

"You know what's the story behind low waist jeans" one friend,  a guy, said
I said "It has some story and I don't wanna talk about it".
I could see it in the eyes of the girls... Yes curiosity it is LOL
It's something about the color of the boxer that shows the "sexual status" of prisoners. It was used as a signal that says "I'm horny and I'm available".
Anyways I told my friend that I know. And I know the story behind punk and the story behind emos as well but I believe that:
Everyone should wear what they want
Everyone can cut their hair the way they like
Everyone should have the freedom to express their own style

I myself don't like turban. Hate it I should say. I hate silky floral pants too. But I don't go as far to say that women shouldn't be allowed to wear turban
or "Floral pants are not allowed at work place"
or even despise the people who take turban or whatever as their style

-BTW I don't like guys showing their chest hair cause I don't know what does "showing chest hair" supposed to mean. Plus, I don't have chest hair-

And come on guys we travel overseas walking beside nearly naked people and have no problem with that. So why is it when we come back to our home we start complaining about citizens wearing this and that.

Friends keep listing reasons that I see unreasonable

"It isn't beautiful. They shouldn't wear it"
I, myself, have my own standard of beauty. I keep it for myself though. I don't force anyone to follow my "beauty standards" nor do I try to despise non-followers

"Some times I don't blame guys for harassing a girl wearing this"
What is that bullshit?
Then tell me what is the minimum requirements of clothing that would make a girl safe from harassment?
Let me say something to you. I saw guys despise and neglect "tight jeans" girls for "black Abaya and burqa". Following them... flirting with them... and trying to harras them
Harassment will not stop
Unless women wear a big  wide black sack that shows nothing... absolutely nothing. Not even eyes. And that is arguable too

"Religion doesn't allow that"
Don't get me started. If you say religion then I would assume you mean the religion that states women are allowed to show face and hands only. Streets filled with women all in black would make our religion.
You got told that this is our religion mate
but in fact... it isn't
Go read history books about Muslim's social life throughout the history of Islam and you'll know what I mean.

Flight crew didn't mention anything about dress code to the passengers coming to Kuwait
Because there isn't any

The chat continues. One topic led to another and we were talking about relationships

To be continued...


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